Age 4 (By Dec) & Potty Trained

This classroom supports those students who will only need one year of an older Preschool Program before either entering into a Public TK Program or Kindergarten Program (Age 5 by September 1st for Public School Kindergarten).

Prior to enrollment, questions about Kindergarten Entrance are asked so that proper placement can be made into the appropriate Preschool Program. We allow 22 students per day with a lead teacher and an assistant in this program.

This Program encourages and promotes a healthy balance of developmental and academic readiness by way of classroom instruction in teacher-led and child-initiated activities. The daily routine and structure of this program gives students ample opportunities for a well balanced classroom setting and experience. Students are encouraged and are able to work in large groups, small groups and independently of one another.

This classroom routine begins at 9:00 AM with either indoor or outdoor exploration. From 9:30 AM-11:30 AM students are engaged in two morning circle times, AM Snack, large group and small group activities, art, music, song & dance, literature, science, technology, cooking, open play, sensory activities and class exploration. At 11:30 AM students have the use of the backyard to run, climb, bike, swing, play sports and get their wiggles out and enjoy outdoor classroom activites until they are ready to eat lunch at 12:00 PM prior to our Half Day Dismissal at 12:30 PM. Our year round program offers students the consistency to prepare for TK and Kindergarten Readiness Programs respectively. Varied Educational Philosophies such as The Reggio Emilia Approach, Waldorf Inspired Learning, The Montessori Method, Outdoor Classroom Curriculum, and our own multi-faceted curriculum supports all types of development and learning.

Learning times are thoughtfully planned and implemented based on the yearly curriculum, monthly themes, character education and the cohesive level of students together in this program. In addition to our own comprehensive and multi-faceted curriculum, the Learning Without Tears Curriculum is incorporated into our Preschool Program to strengthen the understanding between body awareness, shapes, letter shapes (uppercase and lowercase), letter sounds and numerals. This tangible way of learning paves a direct path for drawing activities, pre-math and pre-reading skills in addition to strengthening and promoting strong fine motor capabilities. After the initial multi-sensory experience using a variety of materials such as the roll-a-dough, stamp screens, and the wet and dry chalk boards in the previous programs, the students now have the experience of working with printing materials such as pencils alongside worksheets and supplemental materials and books. You can learn more about the Learning Without Tears Curriculum at

Our TeachSmart Technology Board by Hatch Learning compliments this Program with over 1650 research-based activities in literacy, math and science that are available to the students. All activities in this program provide the right level of difficulty tailored to each child so that they can progress through emergent, developing, developed and extension levels at their own pace. To learn more about the TeachSmart Board by Hatch, please visit their website at

Resolving conflict amongst peers is an important social and emotional component of being “Kindergarten Ready.” Teachers are here to facilitate healthy dialogues so that children can communicate with one another respectfully and be empathetic to others’ feelings, ideas and differences. Our Character Education further supports identifying feelings and behaviors of others and within ourselves.

We offer Half Day Programs until 12:30 PM and Full Day Programs until 6:00 PM. You may choose from 2 days a week to 5 days a week. Set schedules are critical to balance teacher/child ratios. The Full Day Program allows for a quiet nap time beginning at 1:00 PM until approximately 3:00 PM. Quiet time materials are offered to those who are not “sleepers.” From 3:00 PM-6:00 PM we offer an afternoon snack, indoor/outdoor activities, and an afternoon circle time until we close for the evening at 6:00 PM.

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