Transitional Two’s Program

Transitional Two's Program


Our Transitional Two’s Program offers young children the ability to nurture relationships outside of the home in a warm and loving classroom environment. Half Day and Extended Day Programs are available to children who are 24 months of age.

  • This program supports each child with the opportunity for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. Classroom materials are age appropriate as are the monthly curriculums and themes.
  • Our teachers provide a nurturing and loving atmosphere allowing children to feel safe and secure while away from home.
  • Exploration with art and sensory materials, toys, manipulatives, circle time, stories, music and creative movement fill the daily routine. Zoo-Phonics is used as a basic introduction to the alphabet. Colors, shapes, and numbers 0-5 are also introduced.
  • An inviting play yard that allows for sand and water play, shaded climbing structures, swings, bikes, playhouses, and a large grassy area provide endless opportunities for children to discover, create, and learn.
  • This class allows for a maximum of 16 children per day with two teachers. A third teacher supports classroom transitions when needed.
  • Children DO NOT need to be potty trained. When you are ready to support your child with transitioning out of diapers, teachers are willing and are most helpful!