Preschool I

Preschool I


Developing healthy work habits in a positive nurturing environment helps preschool aged children achieve kindergarten readiness.  Our Preschool Program encourages and promotes a healthy balance of developmental and academic readiness.  Through classroom instruction in teacher-led and child-initiated activities, children are able to work in large groups, small groups, and independently of one another.

Pre-printing materials in addition to manipulatives that continue to strengthen fine motor development are used daily.  We do not expect children to sit and “trace” letters without giving them tangible multi- sensory materials first.  When children have an understanding of how letters are formed correctly we then can ask them to “produce” the written product. Our Handwriting Without Tears Printing Curriculum is implemented throughout the school year resulting in a strong foundation of fine motor development.

Mathematics Their Way is our math curriculum of choice.  The goal of Mathematics Their Way is to develop an understanding of and gain insight into mathematical patterns through the use of concrete materials. Children explore classifying, sorting, pattering, counting, numeral writing, measurement, place value, and number operations through the use of everyday objects. Small group instruction allows for teachers to work closely with each student and the emphasis is placed on the learning process rather than the “right answers.”  Initially children are engaged in whole class activities and small group activities allowing for extension and application.

Resolving conflict amongst our peers is an important social and emotional component of being “Kindergarten Ready” and it is an important part of our Preschool Program.  Teachers are there to facilitate healthy dialogues so that children can communicate with one another and be respectful of others feelings, ideas, and differences.

  • Morning circle time engages children through daily calendar routines including the calendar month, days of the week, patterning with numbers, counting and grouping straws for place value, classroom monitors, the pledge of allegiance, songs, stories, and learning about the forthcoming daily lessons.
  • Art, Science, Cooking, Music and Creative Movement, Library Visitations, Special School Activities and On-Site Field Trips are embedded into the curriculum.
  • Half-Day and Extended-Day Programs are available.  Students may attend school a minimum of two (2) days per week, any days based on availability.
  • Our Preschool Program allows twenty (20) children maximum per day with two (2) teachers in a spacious room environment.
  • Children entering preschool must be three (3) years of age by September 1 and fully potty trained.